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Storage for Today's Enterprise Servers and Virtual Tape for Mainframe Systems

Progress Systems
announces the
new Bus-Tech zDASD
Controller -
connect ATA disk to
mainframe for Disk-to-Disk
Backup Solution

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Today, Mainframes have cemented their position in the marketplace as the premier Enterprise Server, providing a large supportable and reliable repository for today's data-intensive client/server applications. Many other critical applications and services are run on data center class servers using Unix and Windows NT/2000 operating systems. All these platforms require disk and tape storage to support your most valuable asset — your organization's data.

How to store your organization's data for production, backup, and disaster recovery can present difficult challenges. Is Direct Attached Storage (DAS), a Storage Area Network (SAN), or Network Attached Storage (NAS) best for your requirements? Or is it some combination of all of these? What about the new EMC Centera Content Addressable Storage (CAS) solution for your archived fixed content data? What about offsite storage of data for disaster recovery and business continuity? What is the best storage management software to help you best utilize your storage resources? How will you satisfy the growing demand for data storage that will be required as e-commerce, customer relationship management and data mining, rich media, medical imaging, HIPAA initiatives, increased scientific data, and new publishing architectures continue to demand more storage?

These are the questions that we at Progress Systems can help answer. Our skilled and experienced staff can help analyze your unique needs, identify the appropriate solution and procure and help deploy it to help you get the most out of your valuable corporate data and information. Please contact us today for a free storage needs survey for your company! And take a look at the hottest new solution on the mainframe market today, Virtual Tape for VSE and OS/390:


Virtual Tape Systems for IBM Mainframes

Progress Systems offers the leading suite of Virtual Solutions from Bus-Tech that provides:

  • Shorter Batch Processing and Backup times -
    disk writes much faster than tape.

  • Elimination of high-maintenance Tape Drives -
    ROI at one customer for Virtual Tape came from reduced maintenance costs on eliminated tape drives.

  • Smaller Tape Libraries -
    less floor space required in expensive raised floor environment.

  • Reduced Operator Intervention -
    another customer cost justified Virtual Tape System by being able to cut operations staff in half.

At the core of the Virtual Tape Systems is the Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS), the latest innovation from Bus-Tech. Coupled with inexpensive and highly reliable open systems disks, the MAS saves you time, money and scarce mainframe personnel resources. Tape Virtualization provides the ability to implement total tape automation.

Progress Systems also offers the most flexible mainframe network connectivity and mainframe and open systems storage products and services from companies such as Bus-Tech, StorageTek, LSILogic, Network Appliance, INRANGE and Uptime tailored to your business needs.

Mainframe Appliance for Storage (Data Sheet)
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